Computer-Aided Drug Design 2017

This year, Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) 2017 is celebrating our 10th anniversary!  It has been great success in all our past events that had been held in Penang (Malaysia), Bandung (Indonesia), Langkawi (Malaysia). Universiti Sains Malaysia is once again proudto organise CADD 2017 with the aim of bringing together and providing a platform for interaction and exchange of  research ideas among experts in the area of CADD. Critical aspects and current issues associated with CADD will be shared and initiatives from various perspectives in drug design are needed to synergistically unfold the great potential in CADD.

In view of the potentially huge significance of this field in  both pharmaceutical industry and academic, the focus of CADD 2017 is ‘Structural Bioinformatics, Ligand Based and Structure Based Drug Design’.


This workshop aims to create exposure and promote awareness among local researchers of the current issues involved in computer aided drug design while simultaneously forming a platform for collaborations and research networking.


  • Protein structure prediction
  • Molecular dynamics simulation
  • Molecular docking simulation
  • Pharmacophore modelling
  • ADMET prediction

Who Should Attend

Scientists from academic and industry who engage in drug discovery and design as well as postgraduate students who would like to explore the application of computer aided drug design, drug discovery, general molecular modelling techniques such as homology modelling, molecular dynamics simulation, QSAR and pharmacophore modelling are strongly encouraged to join us.

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CADD 2017 Invited Speakers

Kenneth M Merz, Jr.
Kenneth M Merz, Jr.Michigan State University
Keynote Speaker
Jutti Levita
Jutti Levita
Universitas Padjadjaran
Richard Bryce
Richard Bryce
University of Manchester
Fumio Hirata
Fumio Hirata
Hokkaido University
Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman
Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman
University of Putra Malaysia
Alan Mark
Alan MarkUniversity of Queensland
Keynote Speaker
Norio Yoshida
Norio Yoshida
Kyushu University
Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia
Kam Y. Zhang
Kam Y. Zhang
RIKEN, Yokohama
Vannajan Sanghiran Lee
Vannajan Sanghiran Lee
University of Malaya
Mohammad Asif Khan
Mohammad Asif Khan
Perdana University School
Shirley W. I. Siu
Shirley W. I. Siu
University of Macau
Maywan Hariono
Maywan Hariono
Universitas Sanata Dharma
Choong Yee Siew
Choong Yee Siew
University of Science Malaysia
Stephen Doughty
Stephen Doughty
Penang Medical College, Malaysia

Program Details

Schedule for Lecture, Seminar & Workshop

Day 1 - Wednesday, 6 December 2017



Introductory Remark: Prof. Habibah A Wahab
Welcome Remark (Officiation): Prof. Dato’ Muhamad Jantan, Deputy Vice Chancellor (R&I), USM

Day 2 -Thursday, 7 December 2017

09:00 - Choong Yee Siew
Introduction to the course

09:10 - Ken Merz
Force Field

10:00 - Prof. Alan Mark
Protein Structure & Modeling

Day 3 - Friday, 8 December 2017

  • Salvation

  • Free Energy

Event Venue

De Baron Resort, Langkawi Island - Malaysia

Registration Fee

Package A
RM 2200
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • with Single Room

  • Malaysian RM 2200
  • Non-Malaysian USD 550
Package B
RM 1900
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • with Twin Sharing Room

  • Malaysian RM 1900
  • Non-Malaysian USD 480
Package C
RM 1500
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • No Accommodation

  • Malaysian RM 1500
  • Non-Malaysian USD 380
Package D
RM 580
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • No accommodation

  • Malaysian RM 580
  • Non-Malaysian USD 150

Photo Gallery CADD 2017

Watch what happened to last year events


CADD 2017 Committee

Chair: Prof Habibah A Wahab

Co-Chair: Choong Yee Siew